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Joe Kerns

Joe Kerns

CEO / Founder

About Joe

Joe has over thirty years of experience working with producers, suppliers, and mills to support agricultural operations. He assists clients with procurement and risk management activities related to hedging, ingredient purchasing, feed quality control, diet formulation, operational benchmarking, livestock marketing, generational transitioning, and business development.

Prior to founding Partners for Production Agriculture, he directed risk management activities for industry leaders such as ADM, Premium Standard Farms, Continental Grain, and Iowa Select Farms.

Currently, he and his team work with livestock producers and allied industry members in 13 states. Clients include packers, producers, veterinarians, researchers, mill operators, and feed ingredient suppliers. He often serves as a keynote speaker for industry events on topics such as commodity markets, nutritional factors impacting production, operational sustainability, leadership, and enterprise ownership.

Joe is an alumnus of Iowa State and enjoys spending time with Laura and the kids.


Sometimes it is not about the money that you make, it is about the money that you don’t lose.

– K. Ralph