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Our Services

Partners for Production Agriculture offers a holistic approach to agricultural risk management.

Your life will be much easier

Our team has a diversified skill set and a shared goal to best serve clients. To do this, we provide comprehensive services developed to enhance customer profitability and mitigate the risk of losses. The members of the Partners for Production Agriculture team have been deliberately selected to best serve the needs of customers. A comprehensive approach to customer service allows us to effectively advocate for our clients as they make marketing decisions and engage with lenders, packers, stakeholders, and suppliers.

Below is simply an outline of our services. To speak about how we can comprehensively support your business, fill out the form at the bottom of the page or call us at (515) 268-8888.


We structure and execute on risk management plans, utilizing exchange-traded futures and options as well as OTC products. Partners for Production Agriculture has 10 licensed brokers to facilitate this process.


We offer economic and financial analyses, market forecasting, forward profit/loss projection, surrogate CFO functionality, benchmarking, and a myriad of other tools to supplement and improve clients’ core business models. Generally, this information will be conveyed through written materials and regular conference calls or meetings.

Market Commentary

We offer targeted market commentaries focused on a range of specialized areas. These are created with a focus on turning information into actionable strategy.


We can market all classes of negotiated hogs and can facilitate the purchase and sale of weaned and feeder pigs. We also utilize a data-driven process to help optimize marketing practices in a variety of market conditions.


We offer public speaking services on a wide range of topics. We can speak on everything from macroeconomics to management skills and will work with clients to structure a presentation targeted to their specific needs and concerns.

Livestock Insurance

We offer Livestock Risk Protection (LRP) and Livestock Gross Margin (LGM) insurance options for producers.

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